Music Videos are our bread and butter here at Aevium Films. On average, we shoot around 80 music videos per year, and have shot hundreds of music videos over the past 9 years.

We have worked with some of the biggest artists, musicians, and YouTubers in the world, such as the Piano Guys (7+ Million Subscribers), The Crosbys (4+ Million Subscribers), The One Voice Children’s Choir (4+ Million Subscribers) Peter Hollens (3+ Million Subscribers), and David Archuleta (3+ Million Facebook Followers).

Our music videos have a combined total of over 1 billion views,

proving that we don't just make videos; we create experiences that captivate and engage.


  1. Expertise: Our extensive experience in the industry ensures that you're in safe hands. We are committed to translating your artistic vision into a cinematic reality.

  2. Quality: We maintain the absolute highest possible production value, ensuring that your music video will not only look great but will also resonate with your target audience.

  3. Exposure: A professional music video can serve as a powerful promotional tool that can exponentially increase your reach and provide an invaluable platform to showcase your talent. A high percentage of the music videos we have worked on have gained over a million views, with some gaining more than a hundred million views.

  4. Personalization: Our packages are tailored to meet your unique needs- whether you're an independent artist looking to make your debut or an established act seeking to break new ground.

  5. Collaboration: We work closely with you throughout the entire process, ensuring that every aspect of the video, from concept to completion, aligns perfectly with your vision and objectives. We can help with storyboarding, choosing locations, and doing everything we can to bring your vision to a reality.

Investing in a high-quality music video package with Aevium Films is a career-defining decision that can set the stage for your future success. Let us be a part of your artistic journey; contact us today to explore our customizable music video packages.


What a Beautiful Name - Hillsong Worship | BYU Vo...

Before You Go - Lewis Capaldi (Piano & Cello Cover)

Imagine Dragons - Believer | One Voice Children's Cho...


“Nick is the absolute best. He’s so much more than a videographer. He is constantly engaged in every part of the scene including lighting, sound, choreography, directing, producing, scouting, and much more. And he does this all while being the person actually behind the camera at the same time. His level of engagement and willingness to work at every level allow him to create stunning content, even for musicians with lower budgets. We once did a project with Disney where they spent over $100k on the production with 30 crew members. The next time we worked with Disney, I asked to bring Nick instead and he provided even better quality by himself and two crew members.

His equipment, industry relationships, and years of experience mean you get the best on every project.

His true superpower though, is working with kids. He has my kids laughing and having fun even on long shoots.

We love working with Nick!”

-Dave Crosby

"The Crosby's" YouTube Channel

I'm thrilled to share our experience working with Nick Sales. Nick's efficiency, creativity, and affordability make him a standout videographer. He's come to the rescue a few times for me on video shoots when I've been laid up and unable to physically do it myself. Nick's work speaks for itself- each video he's created for us surpasses expectations. His cinematic eye and technical expertise are evident, capturing the essence of our music beautifully. What sets Nick apart is not only his remarkable skill but also his reasonable pricing, allowing us to allocate resources effectively. Collaborating with Nick is a pleasure. His open and approachable nature, coupled with his dedication to client satisfaction, makes the creative process seamless. We appreciate his responsiveness to feedback and his commitment to bringing our vision to life. In summary, Nick is a videographer who excels in delivering high-quality, efficient, and affordable services. Our experiences with him have been outstanding, and we eagerly anticipate future collaborations. Thank you, Nick, for your exceptional work!

-Paul Anderson

Video Producer/Owner

The Piano Guys

“Finding and hiring Nick to be part of our team is absolutely one of the most pivotal decisions we have ever made for our company and for my daughter’s career... He is just THAT GOOD! There is no project that is too big or too small for Nick and he comes at each opportunity with the same professionalism and enthusiasm. He listens to all of our crazy ideas and helps us bring them to life through his exquisite talents behind the lens. He calms all of our sets with his humor, patience, and trademark "YES THAT WAS INCREDIBLE" when you know he just saw something magical happen. We would not be where we are today without him. He has helped us attract jobs form Dreamworks, NBC Universal and Netflix to name a few and with each project that came... We knew we had to have Nick with us to knock it out of the park. At this point Nick is more like family to us then a business partner and we couldn't be more grateful for that!”

-Shaundee Bull

“I’ve had the pleasure to work with Nick since 2015. Not only does he capture beautiful and powerful imagery as a Cinematographer, but he always has his director cap on, so he brings a lot of creative ideas to the table.

What I think makes working with Nick so special is that he cares a ton about every video we make, and it always shows in the energy he brings to the video shoot and in the final product.”

-Ben Fales, General Manager & Executive Producer, BYU Music Group


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